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Does Your Pet Have Joint Issues?

Have you noticed that your pet is struggling to walk, run, or jump like they used to? Your furry friend's personality and quality of life can be negatively impacted by joint health issues, and as a pet parent, it is up to you to notice when something like this is happening. This is particularly true the older your pet gets, which is when joint conditions are more like

Reasons Why Your Dog's Skin Problems May Worsen In Summer

In the summer, you may find your dog scratching more often than at other times of the year. While dogs can experience parasites and skin problems all year round, some dogs suffer more in the summer. They are fine again once fall comes around, only to have the same problem the next year. Continue reading to learn more about which skin problems are worse in the summer a

Caring For Your New Kitten

Kittens are relatively easy to care for if you have the proper supplies on hand and some know-how about procedures necessary to keep them safe and comfortable. If you are a new kitten owner, and you have never had the pleasure of caring for a baby cat in the past, you are about to embark on an exciting adventure full of fun and curiosity. Here are steps to take so you

Common Signs Your Dog May Need a Vet Appointment

As a dog owner, your dog's health is one of your top priorities. You want to ensure that your four-legged friend is with you as long as possible, after all. However, many dog owners miss out on some of the most common signs that their dogs may need veterinary services and a vet appointment. Do not be one of those dog parents. Get to know some of the common signs your

Your Cat's Excessive Scratching Might Be Due To Mites

If your cat is scratching more than usual and you don't see any evidence of fleas, your cat might have mites. Mites can burrow in the skin and cause itching. Mites also are common in the ears of cats. Ear mites can be especially bothersome and cause your cat to scratch their ears or shake their head frequently. If your cat is showing signs of excessive scratching, tak