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Signs That Your Dog May Be Poisoned

There are all sorts of scenarios in which your dog might ingest something that is poisonous to it. A hungry dog could potentially consume a household product that is toxic or even eat some human food that is toxic to dogs, for example. In some cases, an aggressive neighbor might intentionally poison a dog because of its barking or other behaviors. It's important for y

ABCDs Of Symptoms Of Tooth Infections In Dogs

Dogs are predators. Their natural instinct is to never show weakness. This makes it difficult for pet owners to know when their dog has pain from an infected tooth. Fortunately, there are several things they may do that can be signs that they need to be evaluated by a veterinarian to determine if they do have a tooth infection and need to have oral surgery. Here's wha

Inappropriate Elimination In Your Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

Inappropriate elimination refers to your cats defecating or urinating outside of the litter box. This can be a distressing issue because you might wonder if your cat is sick or if there is another issue that is making a mess inside your home. Luckily, the underlying cause of inappropriate elimination can typically be understood and addressed, with the help of your vet

Pet Cremation Decision: What To Focus On

The decision to cremate the remains of your pet is a choice that should come along with great thought and consideration. As part of this process, there are several factors that you should consider, ranging from who to entrust this service to, to what you should expect during the process. To assist with this process, here are some of the areas to focus on. On-Site vs O

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety? What You Can Do About It

Anxiety can happen to the best of us, but when it happens to your pet, it can be extremely troublesome. Your dog may have anxiety over a number of things, including car rides, going to the veterinarian, being alone, or loud noises. If your dog has any of these anxiety triggers, there may be things you can do to help ease this anxiety and simultaneously help you as wel