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Pet Cremation Decision: What To Focus On

The decision to cremate the remains of your pet is a choice that should come along with great thought and consideration. As part of this process, there are several factors that you should consider, ranging from who to entrust this service to, to what you should expect during the process. To assist with this process, here are some of the areas to focus on.

On-Site vs Off-Site

Find out whether the facility offers on-site or off-site cremation services. In terms of the process, there is little difference between how the process is performed. Instead, the greatest difference will be focused on just how quickly the cremation is performed and how quickly the remains will be returned to you. Typically, on-site facilities have a shorter turnaround time, whereas off-site facilities will only perform cremations and remain deliveries on certain days, which can lead to longer wait times.

Package Options

Some facilities offer different package options for pet owners. At the lowest level, this package would only involve the cremation service and the return of the pet remains in a standard package. However, there are some places that offer cremation services along with custom urns and memorial services. Deciding which one is best all comes down to personal preference, so take your time to review the different options so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Communal vs Private Cremation

Another area to consider is the differences between communal and private cremation services. Private cremation services are the norm that you would expect, in that your pet is cremated by themselves and the remains are returned to you. With communal cremation, a group of pets is cremated at the same time and the remains are not returned to owners. The communal process is not quite as personal, but for some people, its cost-effectiveness makes it the better option. 

Remains Verification

For peace of mind, you can also inquire about the remaining verification process. Again, with private cremation, the remains of the pet are returned to the rightful owner. To ensure that this goal is accomplished accurately, facilities go through a series of steps to ensure that the remains of each animal are properly identified. This process may include a serial number or other code that stays with the remains of the pet throughout the entire process to ensure the remains are identified correctly. 

Keep all these factors in mind as you begin your difficult search process to ensure you make the right decision. 

Contact a veterinarian or animal hospital that offers pet cremation services for more information.