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Reasons Your Dog May Be Squinting

It's common for dogs to squint with both eyes when they're initially exposed to a bright environment, such as when the animal goes outside or when you turn your bedroom light on in the morning. After a moment of adjustment, you'll see the dog's eyes return to normal. It can be a concern, however, when you notice the dog squinting with just one eye — especially if it hasn't recently entered a bright environment. There are many reasons that a dog can squint in this way, and it's good to have your veterinarian check out the issue promptly. Here are three potential causes of squinting in one eye.


There's a good chance that your dog will squint in one eye if it has sustained an injury in that eye. Such injuries can occur in all sorts of ways. If you live on a rural property, the dog could suffer a scratch to the eye from a branch while running through a forested area, for example. During a confrontation at a dog park, a swipe of the paw from an aggressive dog could cause an eye injury. Eye injuries can vary in severity, but it's always a good idea to visit the local animal clinic if you believe an eye injury has occurred.


Dogs can develop cataracts in their eyes, and while cataracts can sometimes progress at the same rate, it's also possible that one worsens faster than the other. This can cause the dog to squint with one of its eyes. It's often possible for a dog owner to notice the presence of a dog's cataracts, as the color of the eye will change color and you may also have seen signs that the pet doesn't move with confidence in dark environments. In some cases, squinting may be the first indicator that something is wrong, and your vet can determine if one or more cataracts are indeed present.


When a dog has eye dryness, it will often squint. Squinting in both eyes at the same time might occur, but it's also possible that the dog will primarily squint with one eye if that eye is dryer than the other. Dryness can occur for all sorts of reasons, including allergies, nerve issues, and more. Your veterinarian will assess the dog and run a test to determine the likely cause of the eye dryness, and then use medication and other treatment methods to help it. This should cause the dog to stop squinting with the affected eye.

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