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Signs That Your Dog May Be Poisoned

There are all sorts of scenarios in which your dog might ingest something that is poisonous to it. A hungry dog could potentially consume a household product that is toxic or even eat some human food that is toxic to dogs, for example. In some cases, an aggressive neighbor might intentionally poison a dog because of its barking or other behaviors. It's important for you to quickly pick up on any signs that your dog may be poisoned. In such a scenario, you'll want to take the animal to a local animal hospital that has an emergency department, rather than contact your usual vet clinic to set up an appointment. Here are some signs that your dog may be poisoned. 

Loss Of Consciousness

Dogs can often lose consciousness when they have something toxic in their body. As a pet owner, this behavior can be distressing to see, but it's important for you to remain calm and take action. You may notice the pet collapse in front of you, or you may arrive home to see the animal on the ground and not able to wake up. In some scenarios, the dog may regain consciousness shortly after losing it. Even if the dog wakes up, you're still facing a serious situation that could be the result of the animal consuming something poisonous.


Dogs vomit for all sorts of reasons, including some reasons that aren't overly serious. It's always important to take notice when your pet throws up, however. If it's chronically vomiting and experiencing additional symptoms such as going in and out of consciousness, there is a chance that the pet has been poisoned. It's worthwhile to check the pet's vomit to see if you notice anything unusual in it. If you see a substance that you know is toxic to dogs, you can share this information with the animal hospital.

Other Indicators

Sometimes, you'll see a scene in your home that indicates your dog has consumed something toxic. For example, if you arrive home and notice that the animal is behaving unusually, it's worthwhile to quickly take a look around the scene. You might notice a kitchen cabinet that is open and see trace amounts of food or household product on the floor. This scene can quickly indicate to you that the pet has consumed something poisonous. You'll want to share any information about the scene when you visit the emergency animal hospital so that the medical team can proceed accordingly.

For more information, reach out to a veterinarian near you.