A Career of Compassion

A Career of Compassion

Should Your Dog See a Veterinary Dermatologist?

Although general veterinarians are capable of treating a wide range of ailments, there are times when your dog really should see a veterinary dermatologist—someone who specializes in the treatment of conditions related to the skin. Here are a few signs it's time to give one of these specialists a call. 1. Your dog's skin is itchy and flaky. There are many possible cau

3 Ways To Have A Good Experience Bringing Your Rabbit To The Vet

Bringing your rabbit to the vet can be an important part of keeping them in good health over the years, but you could be feeling nervous about making sure that they're healthy and avoiding any surprises. If you want your rabbit to have the best experience possible going to the vet, consider the following tips that can help you feel a lot more relaxed about the visit a

Dog Care: Understanding Mange

Mange is a skin disease caused by mites that burrow under the skin, which causes your dog to develop an intense itch. The mite responsible, Sarcoptes scabiei, can live on animals and humans, so if your dog develops this highly contagious condition, you should separate them from other animals and keep human contact to a minimum. Dogs exposed to large numbers of other a

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy This Summer

Pets enjoy being outside just as much as their human owners. However, they are covered in thick fur that can trap the heat and increase their body temperature to incredibly dangerous levels. Because of this, you must take precautionary measures throughout the summertime to ensure that your pets are comfortable and cool. Here are three things you should do. 1. Take Wal

Keep A Wellness Exam Affordable For Your Dog With The Right Steps

Making sure that your dog is well cared for can be a lot simpler when you set aside the time for a wellness exam to be done periodically. Instead of putting off getting your dog checked out on an annual basis (or more frequently depending on their age), you should stop and see what you can do to keep their visits affordable. Look for Specials for New Clients If you're