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Common Signs Your Dog May Need a Vet Appointment

As a dog owner, your dog's health is one of your top priorities. You want to ensure that your four-legged friend is with you as long as possible, after all. However, many dog owners miss out on some of the most common signs that their dogs may need veterinary services and a vet appointment. Do not be one of those dog parents. Get to know some of the common signs your dog could use a trip to the veterinarian. Then, you can be sure they get the care they need when they need them. 

Your Dog's Breath Stinks

Contrary to popular belief, dog breath isn't just naturally stinky. In fact, their breath should be neutral much of the time (unless they just chowed down on something disgusting). Stinky dog breath being normal is a dangerous myth that can lead to health problems for your dog down the road. When your dog's breath smells foul, you should schedule an appointment to have their gums and teeth looked at by the veterinarian. They may need a dental cleaning performed by a vet.

This process involves putting the dog under anesthesia so that the vet can deeply clean their teeth and gums and get everything taken care of in the process. Sometimes, a vet will extract teeth during this process if dental rot is severe and the infected tooth cannot be salvaged. These veterinary services are important to keeping your dog's mouth healthy. Oral health can also impact heart health and other systems throughout the body. So, be sure to get stinky breath checked out right away. 

Your Dog Farts a Lot

If your dog is extremely gassy, to the point of being a problem, you may want to take them to see a vet as well, just in case. Constant gaseousness is not only unpleasant for everyone around your dog but can be a sign of digestive problems in dogs. 

Your dog, for example, may also be bloated or experiencing other pain and discomfort associated with gas. It could simply be that that is how they are wired. It could also be a food allergy or something more serious. Having your dog checked out for this issue will help to give you peace of mind and may help you to get to the bottom of the issue and reduce their gaseous emissions going forward. 

Now that you know a couple of common signs your dog may need an appointment, you should contact local veterinary services right away.